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I am a senior and M.S./B.S. candidate in mathematics at Yale College. You can email me at owen.barrett@yale.edu. Here's a pdf of my CV.

My research interests are in number theory and lie somewhere at the intersection of L-functions and automorphic forms. My current projects are in the analytic theory of GL(2) L-functions.


2011– Yale University, New Haven, CT. M.S./B.S. candidate in mathematics. Expected May 2015.


  1. (with B. McDonald, S.J. Miller, P. Ryan, C.L. Turnage-Butterbaugh, and K. Winsor) Gaps between zeros of GL(2) L-functions.
  2. (with S.J. Miller, P. Ryan) An excised orthogonal model for families of cusp forms. In preparation.
  3. (with S.J. Miller) One-level density for families of cusp forms of prime power level. In preparation.


Sep Large gaps between zeros of GL(2) L-functions (presented with B. McDonald, P. Ryan).
Conférence de théorie des nombres Québec-Maine, Université Laval, Québec, 28 September 2014.
abstract  ·  slides
Aug Large gaps between zeros of GL(2) L-functions (presented with K. Winsor)
Young Mathematicians Conference, The Ohio State University, 22 August 2014.
abstract  ·  slides
July Large gaps between zeros of GL(2) L-functions (presented with P. Ryan and K. Winsor)
REU Mini-conference 2014, Yale University, 25 July 2014.
abstract  ·  slides  ·  photo


In summer 2014, I was part of Steven J. Miller's PANTHers group, the probability and number group at the SMALL REU at Williams College. The projects above were started during the REU. Here's a group photo of all of us, taken by Cesar Silva.
In summer 2013, I worked under J.W. Hoffman at the LSU REU. Our project was in arithmetic algebraic geometry; we studied character sums using supercomputers. Our work was joint with J. Geiger, G. Muller, P. Thompson, and C. Winterer. Our final report is available here. Data for these experiments are available upon request.


Dec Chern Institute visiting scholar.
Joined J.W. Hoffman during his visit to Nankai at the invitation of Lei Fu.
Dec 18–31, 2013. Chern Institute at Nankai University, Nankai, Tianjin, China.


Oct Number Theory class at Sprout at Yale.
Sprout at Yale is three-week enrichment program for kids in grades 7–12 held on Saturdays. I taught a core class that met each Saturday for 80 minutes with 25 students in grades 8–12. We proved the coincidence of irreducible and prime numbers, and the infinitude of primes. We discussed famous theorems and open problems in number theory, such as twin primes and bounded gaps between primes.

Class notes

I am TeXing notes for two classes this semester: math 520a and math 553a. Beware: there are tons of typos!


I own a lever espresso machine and enjoy making and drinking espresso with my friends. Here's a photo of a shot I pulled with Counter Culture Coffee's Equilibrium blend.